Mentoring graduate students

Currently, our education activity focus on mentoring graduate students. We mentor graduate students both on site and off-site. The mentoring of on-site graduate students is through a partnership with NOAA and CU.

To become an on-site student, send in your CV with a letter of interest to

To become an off-site graduate student of ours, in addition to sending your CV and letter of interest, you will also need send in a letter from your advisor or graduate program manager in your home institute. We currently only provide off-site training and advice to graduate students in China, who are already enrolled in a graduate program in a Chinese institute, but find beneficial to have a joint thesis advisor from the US. Please send in your application material to We currently only offer graduate mentoring services to the members of the institute. To apply for the membership, please download and fill the following form

Application Form For HIEC Memebership

(English) (中文)

and send it to Sonia@HarmonyforEarth.Org

For other services and privileges offered to the members, visit



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