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HIEC helps you to publish your research papers in English Journals (HIEC 帮助你在著名英文期刊上发表你的论文).


Harmony Institute for Earth Care--Understand the Earth to Secure our Future This service includes 我们的服务包括

(1) Eliminating any grammatical errors in the manuscript.


(2) Correcting any nonstandard usage of English that may affect understanding


(3) Editing the manuscript to make it more readable to (the journal editor, the reviewers, and the general readers).


Pricing: 价格:

Economy Service (corrected manuscript is returned to you within 11-20 business days) 120 RMB/page

经济服务 (在11-20 天内修正好你的论文): 人民币120 元

Standard Service ( corrected manuscript is returned to you within6--10 business days)

150RMB/per page.

正常服务 (在6-10 天内修正好你的论文): 人民币150 元

Expedited Service (3-5 business days) 200RMB/per page

加快服务 (在3-5 天内修正好你的论文): 人民币200 元

Note: The above pricing assumes that format of the file you submit to us for editing is in MS word, double spaced, with 12 pt fonds.

注意:此定价假设你提交论文是用微软Word, 双倍行距, 12 pt 字体.


To initiate our service, email your manuscript to

Tips for Completing a Journal Article

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